Are your teeth broken or damaged?

What you need are dental crowns and bridges. Dental crowns are covers placed over a broken tooth or atop an implant. Crowns are also used to rectify the shape of your teeth and improve your appearance. Porcelain and ceramic crowns remain popular in this day and age. They are convenient and can easily match the natural colour of your original tooth.

When you have missing teeth, adjacent teeth will shift to fill in the spaces which leave your teeth uneven and misaligned. This can impact your bite and chewing ability. Bridges too are made of ceramic and porcelain and will fix missing teeth with natural looking crowns.

How does the dental crown process work?

If you need a crown, a scan of your teeth will be taken by our professional dentists and sent to our dental lab. In the meantime, we recommend you wear a temporary crown or bridge until the permanent crown is ready to be placed.

At DentisTree Dental Clinic, we ensure the crown meets the highest quality standards and we offer a 10-year warranty.

Why should you opt for dental crowns?


A crown covers an implant


Protects damaged tooth


Restores a fractured tooth


Restores an uneven tooth


Attach a bridge


Cover a root canal

Same Day Crowns

If you are visiting Dubai for a short stay or coming into the country especially to find a dental solution for
your damaged or broken teeth, we offer porcelain crowns that can be delivered within a day or two.

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