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As we age our teeth start getting discoloured and stained. Although we all want to have brilliant white and healthy teeth, the reality is we don’t. Our teeth begin to lose its luster eventually.

What constitutes to stained and discoloured teeth? Tea, coffee and even red wine, basically our lifestyle (which can include smoking) can trigger your teeth turning yellow. If you’ve desired to have whiter teeth to replace the yellow or brownish colour of your original teeth, then DentisTree Dental Clinic is the place to go.

Teeth whitening treatment has helped millions of people around the world to enjoy whiter, brighter and youthful smiles. Teeth whitening can be done at home and in-office. The teeth whitening at home consist of a custom made tray and whitening kit. The in-office treatment is done by our specialist dentists at DentisTree Dental Clinic.

Professional Teeth Whitening
Professional Teeth Whitening Dubai

Patients who live in Dubai usually come in for the in-office teeth whitening treatment. The teeth whitening process takes around an hour and you can walk out of our dental clinic with whiter and brighter teeth. We can whiten your teeth 4-8 shades brighter, depending on the original shade.

As much as some patients opt to whiten their teeth at home, there are obvious advantages of professional teeth whitening in-office.

  • Fast, convenient and simple
  • Can whiten up to 4-8 shades
  • The whitening is consistent
  • Ensures long lasting results
  • Whitening in-office is safe and comfortable
  • The treatment is done by our professional dentists

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