Root Canal Treatment

Save Your Tooth

First things first, what is a root canal? It refers to the natural space or cavity within your tooth which has a pulp chamber that distributes nutrients and nerves to the rest of the teeth and canals that are connected to each other.

If you get a cavity in your tooth it makes your tooth vulnerable, as it leaves an opening for bacteria to enter and multiply. If the cavity is not treated right away the bacteria can lead to infections and form abscesses that will get infected and be filled with pus. This is very painful and most patients find it unbearable. It can result in severe swelling that could even spread to your head and face. Serious infection can result in bone loss.

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal

How is a root canal procedure performed?

A root canal is done to save your natural tooth which is badly decayed or damaged. The treatment procedure involves, firstly, removing the nerves and pulp, secondly, cleaning the infected tooth area and sealing it.

What are the signs you need a root canal?

  • Infected and decayed teeth
  • Cracks in tooth
  • Constant pain and swelling
  • Tenderness of gums
  • Prolonged sensitivity to cold and heat

Root canals performed at DentisTree are virtually painless. We rely on state of the art laboratories and equipment and stay ahead of the latest technology and trends to provide our patients with a comprehensive dental care solution.

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